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It’s been about 20 weeks, 20 very busy weeks, busy with work, busy baby prep, busy with life.  We’re bridging the gap between week 28 and 29 and we’re officially in our third trimester.  We’ve had a slew of doctor appointments that almost led to an amniocentesis, but we decided to back out at the last minute.  The risk of miscarriage did not outweigh the risk of self-assurance.  We have our fingers crossed and are hoping for the best.  These are some images from one of our ultrasounds of little Dorothy to be.  I’ve taken to calling her Newt, we’ll see how long it takes for my wife to figure out what that’s from.


In the meantime, we’ve been reading our books and buying baby and maternal gear by the truckload.crib  Some notable purchases include designer maternal wear, an $84 pregnancy pillow, and just today we bought our crib and combo unit.  Some assembly required doesn’t quite explain the amount of frustration involved in putting these things together.  Maybe this made sense at the factory in Thailand but I’m having trouble stuffing my fat American sausage fingers between the slats to get at these last few screws.  Having that and the bureau though really starts making it sink in.  In three months, we’re going to have a baby! 

We’ve been learning a lot too.  It’s incredibly helpful having friends and family around the same age with experience.  Prior to the furniture purchase my mother and sister ran me through Baby’s R Us and scanned all the things I had no idea we’d need. Two types of thermometers, binky carriers, bottle sterilizers, the list is long and overwhelming.  I picked up harness for my wife while we there since she is on her feet at work, definitely helps her mobility and her back.

Next on the list is a car to fit all the wonderful things we bought, oh and the baby!  We’re looking at the Toyota Highlander after screening a half dozen other makes and models.  Every week is a major project ticked off the list and one step closer to prepared parenthood.

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