Week 6-7

As excited as we were to tell people about our pregnancy, we’ve been told by friends and family to keep the announcement to ourselves for the first few months until we’re out of the likely timeframe for miscarriages.  Only tell the people you are comfortable informing in the event of some bad news.

I’m pretty bad at keeping secrets though, and my wife is too.  so far I’ve told all but a few of my friends, all of family, and a couple of the guys I work with who also have kids.  Mainly because I wanted to ping them about what I should be preparing for and what to expect.

My wife also made the caveat that we don’t buy any baby furniture or supplies until after the first trimester, but conceded to letting me set up an area in our bedroom for a crib and changing table.  I spent a weekend clearing out a good sized spot and cleaning for when the time comes. 

We’re off the hook too for buying the expensive stuff too, as my sister is very anxious to get rid of her garage full of supplies and furniture.

The next big things I’m thinking about are making sure our insurance covers us and finding a good nanny to help out my wife a couple times a week.